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Find Out What Your Options Are If You Are A Helicopter Pilot

pilotjobsnews-06I always wanted to be a helicopter pilot. That’s right, I didn’t want, like most of my friends to fly in a fighter jet plane, I wanted to fly in a helicopter. And, you know what? A few years ago, I decided to make this dream a reality. So, I took a course in flying helicopters and, after a while, I got my commercial pilot license for flying in a helicopter. I also have a private pilot license as well, but with this, I could only fly by myself or take a friend for a ride. Nice, yeah, but not something that you can build a career on. With a commercial licensee, however, I can charge a service fee for flying people or cargo.

Apart from the fact that you will look cool with those aviators glasses on your face and that you will always have something great to talk about, there are many opportunities for a heli-pilot. So, let’s have a look on a few of them, based on the level of your experience and skill.

If you have only got your license and are at the entry level, you have three nice options. Number one, you can become a flight instructor yourself. You’ll need a little extra training, but it is a great way to start. You can also become an agricultural pilot and spray crops and seedings, not as amazing as you might have envisioned, but a good source of income. Or, you can be a tour pilot, which is very fun. This is what I do.

If you are a little more experienced, you can try being a tour pilot in one of the less hospitable places for flying, such as the Grand Canyon. You can also try being a transportation pilot and fly cargo instead of people.

pilotjobsnews-05Finally, those helicopter pilots with the most experience may get hired by a news agency and become news pilots. They might also become medical pilots, this is certainly booming in the last few years. Another option is becoming a pilot for the police. Or, you can fight fires with your helicopter as well and help save the forests from fires. And, of course, you can be a charter pilot and fly groups of people to their destination.

Of course, I’ve only put a few jobs here, but there are many more opportunities for a good helicopter pilot today. This is a great chance for anyone and it can be very rewarding and I am not talking simply in monetary terms.

If you want another reason to become a helicopter pilot, you will always have something that will shut down any braggart. When someone starts to talk to much, I like to step in and just say: “Sorry gotta go, I parked my helicopter in the wrong place!” Shuts them up every time. Plus, let’s not forget that this is a great way to pickup girls as well.

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